Why Choose Lematec 1/4" Dry Air Desiccant Filter for Spray gun/Air Tools?

A 1/4" dry air desiccant filter is an important component for spray guns and air tools because it helps remove moisture and contaminants from the compressed air supply. When air is compressed, it can accumulate moisture, oil, and other contaminants, which can cause issues like corrosion, blockages, and poor paint or finish quality.

A dry air desiccant filter works by absorbing moisture and removing contaminants from the compressed air. It typically contains a desiccant material, such as silica gel or activated alumina, which absorbs moisture and prevents it from reaching the tool or spray gun. The filter also includes a filter element, which captures oil and other contaminants in the air supply.

Using a dry air desiccant filter can help ensure a clean, dry air supply for your spray gun or air tool, which can improve the quality of the finish or workpiece and extend the life of the tool. Without a filter, you may experience issues like water spots, fisheyes, or other defects in the finish, or premature wear or damage to the tool.

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The Lematec Air Desiccant Filter is designed to remove air impurities from your airlines. One of the best ways to dry compressed air, desiccant air dryers are mostly used on spray guns, plasma cutters, and other air tools that require precision. 

*Why Desiccant Air Filter Dryer is Important?

Securing the airline with an air filter is highly recommended for in protecting your air tools. This provides a cheap alternative to save more from air tools as it reduces the wear and tear condition of the airline and compresses air tools for longer use.

Including an air compressor filter dryer in any compressed air systems ensures quality work output. The desiccant inline filter serves as a trap to keep any water, oil, and dirt from passing through the air tool. Only clean air is delivered to the tool creating precision in any work done.

*Heavy Duty Desiccant Filters for Air Compressors
Built with tough Zinc material, this desiccant filter can work in various and extreme workshops. It is impact-resistant and durable for longer use.

*This dry desiccant has replaceable desiccant beads that offer a cost-efficient solution for operators that often work on compressed air. The desiccant changes its color when it is ready for replacement.