New LEMATEC Sandblaster gun with ceramic nozzle

Water blasting and sandblasting play significant roles in cleaning, pool maintenance, polishing, restoration, surface preparations, etching, auto repairs, and even gardening too! The AS118-3 Water Blaster and Sandblaster can perform outstanding wet and dry blasting – all in one sandblaster gun.

Change the way you carry out all your household, DIY, and professional work with the latest innovation from Lematec. With AS118-3, you can finish all difficult and time-consuming jobs to as fast as minutes or even seconds! Remove dirt, grime, stain, rust, and other surface impurities almost instantly with either water blasting or dry sandblasting using your preferred abrasive. See your project transform before your eyes!

The Sandblaster Gun with Loaded Features

*Wet Blasting Action
The first of its kind, the AS118-3 is a sandblaster gun that can quickly convert to a water blaster. It is the best gardening tool one can have to water plants and apply liquid pesticides. Better than a garden hose, you can conveniently pour liquid pesticides, chili pepper, and other water solutions on the storage, and you are off to a good water blast!

*Dry Blasting Action
The AS118-3 has kept its dry blasting feature so you can use abrasives for dry blasting such as baking soda, sand, walnut, and other dry media for a complete sandblasting experience.

*Durable Ceramic Tip and Black Cover
The AS118-3 Water Blaster comes with a durable ceramic tip and a black cover that are perfect for both wet and dry blasting. To complete your satisfaction, a spare ceramic tip and a black cover is added in your accessory packet.

*Standard Sandblaster Gun
Our water blaster/sandblaster gun has a standard design with a ¼-inch NPT inlet for universal configuration made compatible with any compressed air accessory and operates at a recommended pressure of 90 PSI.