air blow gun

Product No : AS-121-2C
  1. Ergonomic design.
  2. High air flow.
  3. Extend angle nozzle tube.
  4. Made in Taiwan
  5. Lightweight
No. AS-121-2C, Air blow dust gun with rubber tip
*Long blow tube.
*High air flow.
*Brass nozzle with rubber cover.
*With hanger
*Comfortable hand grip
*For home cleaning, dirt of car, workshop, factory , machine and so on.

Show the LEMATEC air blow dust gun size

proimages/04Air blow gun/AS-121-2c-_blow_gun-003.jpg
1ft Rubber Nozzle Air Blow Gun
Model Number AS-121-2C
Material Plastic ABS
Operating Pressure 90 PSI.
Air Flow at 100 PSI 18 CFM
Air Inlet 1/4"
Plastic Body Gun 18 cm
Blow Gun Tube Alum 30 cm & Rubber Tip
Made in Taiwan
Patent Protection Yes

Dust guns / Air Blow guns are mainly used for dust, dust, or foreign matter on any type of workpieces for use in factories, mechanical workshops, woodworking and installation / maintenance. Can be used in some of the hands of some of the relatively narrow, high, inside the machine parts and trachea cleaning work.

This AS121-2C blow gun has an ergonomic design, good grip and compact assembly that it doesn’t get damaged when accidentally dropped or bumped on hard surfaces. This makes it precisely your overall cleaning tool as it is also suitable for industrial cleaning. Conveniently bring it in and out of your workplace as its size is hand-carry perfect. Scratch-Proof Rubber Tip for Delicate and Difficult Spots.

How to use LEMATEC Air Blow Gun to clearn dust on computer and case?
*Easy and quickly.
*Rubber tip won't damage the PCB or othre's surface.
AS-121-2C Air Blow Gun
Packaging List Plain Box
Carton 48sets/ctn
Weight 5.8/7.5kgs/2'
Ctn Size 52.5 * 38.0 * 28.8 cm
Delivery Time 20~60 Days After Order Confirmed
Size 0.12kgs < 50.6 * 3.0 * 6.0 cm>
proimages/04Air blow gun/AS-121-2c-_blow_gun-004.jpg
high air flow blow gun with rubber nozzle tip
*Ergonomically design handle fits the feel.
*Convenient hook neatly stored ready to use.
*Nozzle with rubber.
*High air flow and lightweight.
*LEMATEC Nozzle Pneumatic Pressure Gun Air Tools Blower Blow Dust Gun