Product No : AS118-3
  1. Dry Abrasives can be use, such soda, sand, special sand and so on.
  2. Easy and convenience to operation.
  3. Remove rust, paint, oil and so on.
  4. Garden and agriculture application.
  5. Gravity Feed Portable Type Sandblasting gun.
  6. Ceramic Nozzle More Durable.
proimages/03Sandblasting gun/Sandblaster-AS118-3-A.jpg
sandblasting nozzles made by ceramic, more durable for sandblasting
*It can solve problem of often needing to replace consumables.
*It also won't get rusty if you use with liquid.
*It work with soda and water together to remove dirt, moss, oil or others for swimming pool, wall...etc, mix water is much better to no dust everywhere.
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LEMATEC AS118-3 Gravity Feed Sandblasting Gun
Model Number AS118-3
Material ABS
Hopper 600cc (18 oz) PE
Operating Pressure 90 PSI, max to 150 PSI
Air Flow at 100 PSI 12 CFM
Air Inlet 1/4" with 20 MESH FILTER
Recommend Abrasive ALUMINIUM OXIDE/Soda
Nozzle Ceramic with cover
Application Abrasives Size 46# -220#
Patent Protection Yes

*LEMATEC Sandblaster Gun for sandblasting/clearn is best choice for DIY/Workshop use. Ergonomic design, light weight and easy operation. Widely use for sandblasting to remove rust, paint, oil and so on, especially for household item surface preparation.

We upgrade steel nozzle into durable ceramic nozzle.
*Ceramic nozzle is durable and not rusty, also with 2 times longer using life!
*Ceramic nozzle would be more helpful for Industry using, professional using, or long using time.

For Sandblasting Gun
Packaging List Double Blister
Carton 6 sets/ctn.
Weight 3.5/5.0kgs/1.8'
Delivery Time 20~60 days after order confirmed
this image show how does effect after do sandblasting by lmeatec sandblaster gun as118-3 to remove rust
*More application of our new sandblaster gun with ceramic nozzle.
How about sandblaster’s Application? *Remove Rust, Paint, Oil, Dirt or others. *Garden and Agriculture by chili pepper spray to anti bug. *Sodablasting for wood, swimming pool or others.

*Our Sand Blaster design is unsurpassed in Performance, Quality, and Sand Flow Consistency. Rust, scale and corrosion are tough to fully remove. Blasting high-speed media particles at the work piece is the best way to get into all the small niches in the metal to ensure complete removal. LEMATEC Sandblaster’s gravity fed, safety vented reservoir tank eliminates tubes or siphon hoses that can easily clog. Sandblasting gun runs continuously and virtually clog free with the correct media and moisture-free air. And you can use a variety of blast media that do not exceed 40 grit. The lightweight, long-lasting, comfortable design employs gravity to help force the blast media into a hardened steel mixing chamber. Compressed air then forces the particles through a top-grade ceramic nozzle at extraordinary velocity. Our new sandblaster gun is self-contained and small for easy storage in a toolbox drawer. Made by LEMATEC, Taiwan.