Digital Air Regulator

Product No : DAE06E-1
  1. Three pressure units support
  2. Back-Light LCD Display
  3. Auto-off function
  4. Impact-resistant case
  5. 1/4" inlet and outlet
  6. Protect air tools
  7. With lock
  8. Solvent resistant based on normal usage
  9. Provides Accurate Measurement of air Pressure to spray guns or other air tools
spray gun regulator lematec
lematec air flow regulator with gauge

1/4" Air Flow Regualtor Valve With Digital Pressure Gauge
Model Number DAR006E-1
Material POM
LCD Back-Light Support
Weight 0.2 kgs
With Lock
Measures pressure range 0-160 PSI , 0-11 Bar , 0-11 kg/cm² , 0-1,100 Kpa
Batter replaceable Yes
Auto-shut off Yes,conserve battery power
Air inlet/outlet 1/4"
Patent Yes
Made in Taiwan
Pressure Increments 0.5PSI / 0.05Bar / 0.05kg/cm² / 5 Kpa.
Battery CR2032*1