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  • AI303-R1
    2 in 1 1/4 inch Air Filter Regulator with Pressure Gauge One piece
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  • Air filter with regulator
    1/4 inch Air filter with regulator for air tools spray gun plasma cutters
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  • DAE06E-1
    LEMATEC 1/4" Digital Air Flow Regulator With Pressure Gauge For Spray Gun Air Tool Use Taiwan Made
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  • AR-02
    1/4" Analog Air Pressure Regulator With Gauge
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  • AR-03
    1/4 inch Air Flow Regulator Valve Lock With Pressure Gauge for Paint Gun Tools LEMATEC Taiwan Made Accurate Gauge
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  • Digital air regulator

    Adjusting Valve 1/4" Air Compressor Spray Paint Gun Digital Inline Air Pressure Regulator Gauge Valve

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  • Digital Air Regulator

    Digital Adjustable Regulator,Air flow regulator with digital pressure gauge

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  • DAR03B

    LEMATEC 1/4" Digital Air Pressure Regulator With Gauge Spray Gun Air Tool Use Taiwan Made Air flow Regulator

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  • AS-213D
    1/4" Air Pressure Regulator With Digital Air Gauge
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  • DAR01E

    1/4" Battery Replaceable Air Digital Pressure Regulator With Gauge

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  • DAR02E

    Digital Air Pressure Regulator

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  • DAR03E

    Pressure Gauge Air Tools Spray Gun Digital Adjustable Air Regulator

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  • DAR01A

    Digital Air Regulator Air Pressure Regulator With Gauge Psi bar Kpa Air Flow Regulator

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  • DAR02A

    New pneumatic adjustable air regulator,air pressure digital air regulator

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The Lematec Digital Air Regulator series has a digital gauge that allows you to control
the air flow/pressure with the exact value in decimal. It provides a quick reading of air
pressure value which is very suitable for fast-paced work environments.
This digital air pressure regulator has an automatic shut-off mechanism that turns off
after 60 seconds to conserve battery.
It can measure and regulate air pressure in PSI, KPA, and BAR. High accurate and
durable that why famous spray gun compnaies choose ours.

Our Dial air regulator series also popular that with metal case and mirror surface,
difference regulator style suit any locations. Air flow or pressure regulator manufacturer/supplier.

We are welcome to offer OEM/ODM service as following flowchart.